giv|en1 [ `gıvn ] adjective only before noun *
1. ) used for referring to a particular thing: PARTICULAR:
About 250 students are working with us at any given time.
In a given situation, more than one of these methods may be used.
2. ) a given period has previously been decided on:
Many people pay off the money owed within a given time.
given to something FORMAL
having the tendency to do something:
He was not a man much given to compassion.
giv|en 2 [ `gıvn ] preposition
because of a particular fact: CONSIDERING:
Given x=10, then x+3=13.
given (that): Given that conflict is inevitable, we need to learn how to manage it.
giv|en 3 [ `gıvn ] noun count
a basic fact that you accept as the truth:
It is a given that most animals will protect their young.
a. take something as a given to accept that something is true and not expect it to change:
We've taken it as a given that our public schools are no good.
giv|en 4
the past participle of give1

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.